Friday, May 12, 2006

Remastering Thy Veils

"Prologue", "Against an Oblivion..." & "Immemorable" ... the first 3 Thy Veils albums are now being remastered and will soon be released as digital downloads (iTunes, Napster, ...).
It is unlikely for these versions to be released on audio CD.

the first tape cover version of "Immemorable" - 1999


flo' said...

eu am caseta asta! :P


Daniel Dorobantu said...

keep it secret, keep it safe :)

Anonymous said...

I've been an avid listener of Thy Veils ever since I ordered these three tapes back in the days with the Negura Bunget stuff from the dude @ Bestial Records. I can't even start expressing how many times I've listened to them. Unfortunately, a while ago I lent them to a certain person, who managed to lose them and I've found it completely impossible to find these tracks anywhere. That's why this is extremely good news, although I'd be more than willing to buy them on Audio CD. Hell, a Thy Veils special edition of everything so far? I'd buy it anyday. Please, isn't there any chance to release a limited edition on CD?
Thanks for making such great music and keep it up!

Daniel Dorobantu said...

thank you for writing this!
In fact, I'm really looking for a record label (as time is on my side) to release the remastered versions as audio CDs (one at a time or as a box). And I'll intensify my search after the DVD will be released.