Wednesday, July 08, 2009

San Francesco & San Nicolò (Treviso)

Church of San Nicolò is a large Romanesque-Gothic building adorned with interesting frescoes by Tommaso da Modena (one of the best 14C painters after Giotto). In the Onigo chapel, you can also see portraits by Lorenzo Lotto. In the chapter-house of the adjoining monastery are portraits of Dominicans by Tommaso da Modena.

The Church of San Francesco was built from 1230 to 1270 near the Walls; it rose for the Pope Innocenzo III’s will and thanks to donations of municipality and of Trevisan aristocracy. The church was raised when the Romanesque was ending and the Ghotic was growing, the features of this period are very evident and we may find in some architectonic components: the Romanesque components (the arches of the transepts and entrance main door) mix with those Gothic (the arches of background chapels and the windows).

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