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new Thy Veils album

"The blue mountain is the father of the white cloud. The white cloud is the son of the blue mountain. All day long they depend on each other, without being dependent on each other. The white cloud is always the white cloud. The blue mountain is always the blue mountain."

Inspired by Zen Master Tozan's words, here comes the 5th Thy Veils studio album, entitled "Mountain And Cloud".

Four songs with a total length of about 50 minutes will depict subtle, yet vivid reflexions, filtered through the nature of contemplative states. Blended into the layered whispers that form the music, one can find new things in Thy Veils' art that complement the organic electronics : live recorded improvisations drifting along generative structures of keyboards, voice, electric and acoustic instruments.

Dreaming within this dream and manifesting their spirits, here they are, the beautiful friends: Manuela Marchis and her spectral vocals, Anna Kontridze virtuous and gentle on indian tabla, Ciprian Costache taming the cold wave guitar and Petrica Ionutescu floating on trumpet.

With the sound waves ruled by "the old man" Attila Lukinich and the great hand made artwork by Silver Tzu, the new songs will flow outside the workshop in the next few days.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Expozitie Gabriel Kelemen

4 decembrie 2009
ora 18
Galeria Arhipelag Art
Splaiul Nicolae Titulescu nr. 2

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Implant For Denial - Nemesis

The "Nemesis" video was officially released 2 days ago in Bucharest and yesterday in Timisoara, during live performances of the band.
Now it is uploaded on YouTube and Vimeo. Best (recommended) quality is available for anyone to download from this link :

Implant For Denial - Nemesis from Daniel Dorobantu on Vimeo.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Future Perfect @ The Paintbrush Factory / Fabrica de Pensule

Sculpture : Denisa Curte
Sound : Daniel Dorobantu
23 October 2009 - Cluj

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Paintbrush Factory / Fabrica de Pensule

Daniel Dorobantu

sound thing / presence / support
for and from

Denisa Curte's



The Paintbrush Factory
contemporary art space

opening Friday
23 October 2009

Henri Barbusse nr. 59-61

Excerpt from the official presentation:

"Fabrica de Pensule / The Paintbrush Factory is a collective space of production and distribution of contemporary art as an independent cultural center. The project is initiated by a group of artists, curators, cultural managers and producers from Cluj, animated by the idea that art creates a real impact on the communities.

The center is located in the former Paintbrush Factory and gathers, on a surface of 2000 sqm, 29 contemporary art spaces: artists’ studios, galleries and cultural organizations active in fields like visual arts, contemporary dance and theater. The center aims at setting an independent creative space on the map of the local community, as well as on the international artistic scene.
Fabrica de Pensule / The Paintbrush Factory contributes to urban development, by reclaiming an industrial heritage site, activated as a space for community life."

Download the full 16 pages official program in .pdf format here : (Romanian, Hungarian & English)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Yin Yue & Thy Veils

choreographed and performed by Yin Yue
music : Thy Veils - Pilestra (composed by Daniel Dorobantu featuring Manuela Marchis, vocal)

It was premiered at DMAC-DUO Theater for 2009 Dancenow[NYC] Festival in September.
It was performed at DUMBO DANCE Festival in September

Torn is the second collaboration between Yin Yue and Daniel Dorobantu, after STAY.

Yin Yue :
Thy Veils :
Daniel Dorobantu :
Manuela Marchis :

Pilestra is a new Thy Veils songs, still in the demo version here. It will be released next year, with the new Thy Veils album. Also, a video will be created for this song, featuring Yin Yue's choreography and performance.

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Thy Veils live in Silver Church

on short:
24 January 2010
The Silver Church Club

ticket: 40 Ron

check the promotional video on YouTube

comunicat de presa:

Kogaionon & DonisArt prezinta:


DORDEDUH semnifica trupa ce a rezultat in urma plecarii lui Hupogrammos si a lui Sol Faur din NEGURA BUNGET. Cei doi muzicieni au decis sa-si continue activitatea sub aceasta denumire, duetul avand parte, atat in studio cat si pe scena, de ajutorul unor muzicieni profesionisti, cu care vor termina de inregistrat curand primul material. In componenta lor se afla in acest moment: Sergio Ponti la tobe si percutii (tobar de studio si profesor de tobe, cunoscut pentru aparitia in show-ul de reuniune Jethro Tull, dar si pentru diferitele sale colaborari cu muzicieni din Whitesnake, Rainbow, Sabbat, Ephel Duath, Illogicist…), Jorg Heemann / Thelemnar la percutii (Secrets of the Moon, The Vision Bleak) si Michael Zech / Arioch la bass (Odem Arcarum, Secrets of the Moon).

Soundul DORDEDUH este unul extrem de complex, cu radacini in Black Metal, dar si Folk sau Ambient. Veti auzi pe langa chitari, tobe, percutii, voci diverse si tot felul de instrumente traditionale, pasaje multiple si multe ruperi de ritm.

Desi trupa nu are decat cateva luni de la infiintare, foarte multe labeluri au fost interesate in a colabora cu ea iar interesul fanilor, atat din Romania cat si din afara tarii, intr-un prim posibil concert, a fost si continua sa fie subiect de dezbatere pe multe forumuri.

Hupogrammos si Sol Faur au hotarat ca prima aparitie in fata publicului sa fie facuta printr-o Seara Speciala, una care sa dezvaluie corect si multidimensional identitatea DORDEDUH, atat ca muzica si mesaj, cat si ca instrumente si implicit formula scenica completa!

Evenimentul va avea o dinamica aparte deoarece grupul ce va urca pe scena inainte de DORDEDUH va fi THY VEILS, un proiect timisorean foarte cunoscut de presa de specialitate. Daniel Dorobantu este, poate, cel mai vechi artist roman din scena Dark Ambient iar proiectele lui muzicale au starnit intotdeauna curiozitatea celor mai avantgardisti ascultatori de faze ciudate.

Seara de 24 ianuarie va fi una cu totul speciala, deoarece asocierea scenica a doua trupe complet diferite ca stil muzical ne va contura, in cele din urma, imaginea unui spectacol complex aparte, conceput exclusiv pentru o audienta ce e deschisa la nou, insa cu imense radacini in tot ceea ce e clasic si traditional. Va fi o seara rarisima deoarece probabilitatea de a se repeta experienta din 24 ianuarie este practic nula!

Dupa orele 19.00, cele cca 3 ore de muzica si imagini vor invalui intr-o atmosfera conceptuala intreaga sala The Silver Church, Bucuresti, Calea Plevnei Nr.61, spectatorul avand oportunitatea de a transcede in propriul univers interior, datorita prestatiilor scenice ale celor doua trupe.

Pretul unui bilet este de 40 lei si se va putea cumpara din Reteaua Diverta,, (Titus), sau la intrare, in seara evenimentului.

Va asteptam!

Informatii despre trupe:

…underground will never die!

Octombrie, 2009

press release

Kogaionon & DonisArt proudly present:


DORDEDUH represents the band that resulted after Hupogrammos and Sol Faur left the NEGURA BUNGET band. The two musicians decided to go on with their activity under this name, the duo benefiting from the help of professional musicians, both in studio as well as on stage, with whom they will soon finish recording the first project. Their band consists of: Sergio Ponti for drums and percussion (studio drummer and drums professor, well known after the appearance in the reunion show Jethro Tull, but also for his different collaborations with musician from Whitesnake, Rainbow, Sabbat, Ephel Duath, Illogicist…), Jorg Heemann / Thelemnar for percussions (Secrets of the Moon, The Vision Bleak) and Michael Zech / Arioch for bass (Odem Arcarum, Secrets of the Moon).

The DORDEDUH sound is an extremely complex one, with roots in Black Metal, but also Folk or Ambient. Apart from guitars, drums, percussions, different voices and all kinds of traditional instruments you will hear multiple passages and a lot of rhythmic breaks.

Even though the band has only got several months since they began their activity, there have been a lot of labels interested in collaborating with them and the interest shown by fans, both in and outside the borders of Romania for a first possible concert has been and continues to be a highly debated subject on a lot of forums.

Hupogrammos and Sol Faur have decided that the first audience appearance will take place on a Special Evening, one which will reveal the correct and multidimensional identity of DORDEDUH, both in music and message, as well as in the instruments used and, implicitly, the complete scenic version of the band!

The event will benefit of a special dynamic also due to the fact that the band that will share the stage with DORDEDUH will be THY VEILS, a project very well known by the specialised media, originating from Timisoara. Daniel Dorobantu pretty much is the oldest Dark Ambient Romanian artist and his musical projects have captured the interest of most of the avant-garde listeners of strange sounds.

The night of 24th of January will be a completely special one, because the scenic association of the two completely different bands – in terms of their music style – will eventually draw up the image of a highly complex show, exclusively conceived for an audience that is opened to the new, yet rooted in everything that is classical and traditional. It will be a rare night because the probability of reliving the experience like on the 24th of January is practically close to zero!

After 7pm, the almost 3 hours long of music and images will take you over in a whole conceptual atmosphere in The Silver Church hall, Bucharest, Calea Plevnei Nr. 61, the audience having the opportunity to transcend into an interior universe, due to the scenic performance of the two bands.

Ticket prices are 40 lei and they can be purchased within the Diverta network,, (Titus), or at the entrance on the night of the event.

We are expecting you!

Information about the bands:

…underground will never die!

October, 2009

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Thy Veils - Your Night Embrace

Thy Veils - 09 - Your Night Embrace from Daniel Dorobantu on Vimeo.

video by Daniel Dorobantu
camera : Marius Danci
post production : Andrei Nica
choreography : Ovidiu Mihaita

actors of Aualeu theater company :
Roxana Taban, Nadia Terchet, Cari Tibor, Marcela Borhan, Albert Bach, Ioan Codrea, Alina Stan, Dinu Bodiciu, Christine Cizmas

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fantastic PhD

Dan Toma posted his PhD work online. Entitled "The Dimensions of the Fantastic in Painting", the .pdf file can be downloaded in Romanian language only.
Get it here

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shooting Nemesis, new Implant for Denial (I.P.R.) video

Friday, September 04, 2009


screen captures; while working on new Negura Bunget visuals