Friday, April 17, 2015

Thy Veils' new video Immemorable

Thy Veils' new video Immemorable is a storm of pixels and luminous rays, generated and influenced by the evocative movements of it's protagonist: the dancer. In fact, there are too many pixels for the current technology of the video streaming services to handle. This high definition work of video art has so much detail that it was impossible to upload it and obtain watchable version after the implied compression.

So, to see this video as it was created, it must be downloaded from here:

Then, another 2 versions were made. Some pixels were sent to the void and the remaining ones were organised in "the vibrant" and "the oneiric" versions of this work.

"Immemorable" features the choreography an dance of Alina Ștefan. She is an independent contemporary dancer and choreographer from Timișoara. After a solid activity in ballroom dance since the age of 9, she crossed into contemporary dance some years ago. Since then she had a sustained activity in the field, being a part of the Unfold Motion dance company and a collaborator of  Mynah, continuously having a part in the development of the independent contemporary dance scene in România.

The video was filmed by Marius Danci, a master of his trade and long time collaborator of Thy Veils. The editing and post-production is the work of Daniel Dorobanțu. Manuela Marchiș and Sol Faur offered the assistance in this production and Maria Stepan designed the costume.

The song is an extended version of one of Thy Veils' best known productions, re-recorded and expanded in 2014 with Manuela Marchiș (voice), Radu Pieloiu (drums, percussion), Vlad Sturdza (guitar), Shanyio (dulcimer, kantele), Daniel Dorobanțu (electronics, arrangement, production), Attila Lukinich (mixing, mastering) and Dan Griober (mixing, production). The music is available on Bandcamp.

Shortly after it's release, Cultartes magazine published the first review of this video, available here.