Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Thy Veils website

With great joy, Thy Veils launches the new official website.
It is designed by Florij Chereji and contains Daniel's photography as random background.
Florin also did a wonderful job designing Thy Veils' MySpace page not many days ago.
Thank you Florin and everyone who helped testing it.

Feedback appreciated ;)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

tonight in New York City | web streaming

Yin Yue performs her choreography using Thy Veils' unreleased music.

The Show: The A.W.A.R.D. Show (link)
Time: 7:00PM
Date: Wednesday, Nov 17th
Location: Joyce Soho Theater (155 Mercer Street)

The Joyce will be streaming all of The A.W.A.R.D. Show performances live through
The shows will also be available online at after the live performances.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Thy Veils & Music Alliance Pact

Music Alliance Pact is a project started 2 years ago by the Scottish blogger Jason "The Pop Cop".  It unites music blogs from six continents and around 35 countries. Each blog selects one band from their country, a song to represent it and they describe it in a few words.
On the 15th of every month, all the blogs post this identical list of all the bands (with their song and info) maximizing their exposure. The result is an international compilation, with different genres, languages and approaches.
From South Africa to England, Colombia to China, Iceland to New Zeeland;  trip-hop to pop, metal to ambient, experimental to world music, you can find it all here.
As Jason said in an interview for The Guardian: "The logic behind MAP is that because each individual blog's regular readers would usually download and listen to the author's recommended songs, they would be more likely to download the MAP songs too, even though their source was another blog entirely".

Babylon Noise is a collective Romanian music blog, started in May 2007 by some friends who wanted to share their favourite music with more people than each other.
It’s not about who released what and who sings when and where, it’s more about those sensations and feelings music creates; about the way a live performance can make you feel. It’s a very subjective music blog, consisting of our opinions about certain songs, bands, videos or shows.
It’s not about news. It’s about moods.

Thy Veils' "The Knifechild" is featured in November's edition of the Music Alliance Pact compilation.

Thank you Maria & the Babylon Noise crew.