Sunday, December 20, 2009

new Thy Veils album

"The blue mountain is the father of the white cloud. The white cloud is the son of the blue mountain. All day long they depend on each other, without being dependent on each other. The white cloud is always the white cloud. The blue mountain is always the blue mountain."

Inspired by Zen Master Tozan's words, here comes the 5th Thy Veils studio album, entitled "Mountain And Cloud".

Four songs with a total length of about 50 minutes will depict subtle, yet vivid reflexions, filtered through the nature of contemplative states. Blended into the layered whispers that form the music, one can find new things in Thy Veils' art that complement the organic electronics : live recorded improvisations drifting along generative structures of keyboards, voice, electric and acoustic instruments.

Dreaming within this dream and manifesting their spirits, here they are, the beautiful friends: Manuela Marchis and her spectral vocals, Anna Kontridze virtuous and gentle on indian tabla, Ciprian Costache taming the cold wave guitar and Petrica Ionutescu floating on trumpet.

With the sound waves ruled by "the old man" Attila Lukinich and the great hand made artwork by Silver Tzu, the new songs will flow outside the workshop in the next few days.


Antonio L. said...

Congratulations Daniel. How is possible to buy this new album?

Unknown said...

Thank You!

The album will be available online in the next few days here:

I will also announce it's availability on this blog and all the other places: myspace, facebook, twitter.