Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thy Veils - Lumine - review

I was taken aback by the scale of the sonic spectacle named "Lumine". It has a sensitivity all of its own, rich in exotic rhythms and multi-layered spectral sounds. The harmonies were enticing, pulling me into a dream that was becoming smoother and smoother as the minutes rolled by. I was gripped by a feeling of depth in harmony that merged with crystal clear acuity in my ear-drum.
Fine-tuned, chosen with flamboyant delicacy, a sound one rarely ever encounters. Crystal clear guitar chords draping an ample percussion structure, sounds unfurled from diaphanous voices were gently stalking me to join in with a unitary tone upon an Ocean of frequencies.
The album is a complex composition that spurned my interest from the first chimed chord. It is in my opinion, an introspection inside a honeycomb of acoustic dreams. It has a chronology all of its own and a cyclic tone that kept me plugged into the incandescent. The atmosphere it emanates is electric, playful, joyful and full of emotion.
This album is fairy-tale stuff, part of a world where ears are unprejudiced and accept music as a whole. Here, bells jingling give way to the chime of trumpets.
A very mature creation with far reaching chromatic under-tones, brought to perfection by everyone’s input on this project.
With muted speakers and "Lumine" vibrating into the ether, I cannot help but sink into the Unknown with each and every sound.
review by Valentin Vizuroiu
click here for the original Romanian language post
translated by Andrei Ursu

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